Western Star – Vocational


Our X-Series trucks aren’t just the best trucks we’ve ever built, they’re the best trucks anyone has ever built. 

The 47X extends the reach of the X-Series into even more vocational applications, with a number of new features, including a shorter hood and a shorter 111″ BBC. This shorter configuration is ideal for applications that require optimized equipment packaging to meet local overall vehicle length requirements and applications that need to adhere to bridge laws, such as concrete mixers or dump trucks. So, no matter what job you need to do, there’s now another purpose-built tool to do it. Break new ground with the 47X.

Western Star 4800, construction truck

Construction | Some kids love to build things. Some never stop.

We can relate. That’s why you’ll find an edge with a Western Star construction truck. Each one is handbuilt to your specs, with a heritage of durability and reliability to get the job done. Whether you choose the 4700, 4800, 4900 or 6900, you’ll find options to build the perfect dump, mixer, crane or just about anything else you need. Western Stars work hard and never give in. Just like the people who drive them.

Models: 4700, 4800, 4900, 6900                

Western Star Logging Truck

Logging | Of all the hazards in logging, the scariest one is compromise.

Logging operations run with demanding schedules and in even more demanding conditions. You need a truck that’ll show up, ready to work, day in and day out. Handbuilt, with thousands of customization options, a Western Star means you get to build the truck you need for the job. You can choose a severe-duty cab and from a variety of heavy-duty truck components including Allison® transmissions, planetary axles and the TufTrac® suspension. After all, you never compromise. Your truck shouldn’t either.

Models: 4800, 4900, 6900                            


Mining | Some trucks dabble in this business. Ours are bred for it.

Tough doesn’t begin to describe a Western Star mining truck. But it’s a good start. A full line solution for your mine, from the maneuverable 4800 up to the extreme duty 6900, Stars deliver where it really matters: the bottom line. Our trucks are hand- constructed using premium materials and high-quality components. That means they’re not just built to last — they’re purpose-built for your kind of operation.

Models: 4800, 4900, 6900                          

Western Star Oil & Gas truck

Oil & Gas | There are times when good enough will do. Not in our world.

In this business, time is money. That’s why we build Western Star oilfield trucks to deliver reliability and durability when you need it most — always. Great cooling packages, durable cabs, great off-highway performance and smart designs that make field repairs easier, so you can get up and going — and making money — faster. From the manueverable 4800 to the extreme duty 6900, Stars have become known as power players in the oil and gas industry.

Models: 4800, 4900, 6900                           


Towing & Recovery | You can lend them a hand. And quite a number of other features.

For you, there are only two types of jobs: big and bigger. Make sure your fleet is equipped to handle both. Western Star trucks for Tow & Recovery applications are handbuilt from the get-go with one purpose: getting people — and your bottom line — into better places. The 4700 is our newest addition, but brings all the versatility and reliability you’ve come to expect from us. And if your work demands the most extreme truck available, take a look at the 6900 — the ultimate in towing and recovery vehicles. Or if you need something in between, we have that covered, too. That’s just how we are.

Models: 4700, 4800, 4900, 6900               

Western Star 4700, municipal plow

Municipal | If you think it looks good now, wait till you check its ROI in 10 years.

There are trucks, and there’s the right truck. Western Stars are handbuilt from the ground up to be just that: the right truck. They’re engineered to work, and built for the long haul. No excuses. No complaints. What’s more, we have an entire line of work trucks that can be customized to do whatever you need. With the many configurations available, from dump truck to crane, you can build the right truck to meet the needs of your municipality.

Models: 4700, 4800, 4900