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4700 | Descended from a long line of workaholics.

 The quality and value of a Western Star are now within reach, no matter what your application. That’s because we built the all-new Western Star 4700 specifically to meet the demanding needs of vocational applications and today’s tightening budgets. And we did it with input from you – the people who actually do the jobs. After all, no one knows what you need better than you do. The durable, reliable and rugged 4700. All new. All Western Star.

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4800 | Sometimes bigger is better. And sometimes it isn’t.

Something can be said for getting the right truck for the job. With the shortest BBC and the most options, the 4800 delivers big performance in a streamlined cab, along with loads of truck components so you can build to suit any job — or fit any site. From mixers and mining trucks to expediters, the 4800 can be configured to deliver in a big way.

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Western Star_4900

4900| You’ve made do with less. Now make do with perfect.

If you’re going to do a job, get it done right the first time with the rugged 4900. Powerful and versatile, the 4900 has multiple options available to help you spec the perfect truck for the job. Whether you’re working in auto haul or you’re looking for a logging truck, Western Star has you covered with durability, comfort and power. Stop compromising. And start doing.

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5700XE | We’ve made extreme trucks for years. Now we’ve done the same for efficiency.

When we decided to build a fuel efficient truck, we took that efficiency to the extreme. Every feature and component of this truck was refined to get maximum aerodynamics, efficiency and dependability. And we did it without sacrificing the kind of looks that let everyone know this aerodynamic truck is every bit a Western Star.

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6900TS XD | It takes a big man to admit defeat. And a bigger truck so he doesn’t have to.

When you need to move mountains, there’s only one truck for the job: the Western Star 6900. Spec’ed as a tractor, it can haul loads of over 500,000 pounds. And as a dump, it can move 80,000 pounds at a time. Add in another ton of options, and you’ve got a truck that’s as powerful as it is customizable. From log trucks to dump trucks to extreme duty trucks, the 6900 can handle it all.

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