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It’s been said that if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. We agree. That’s why we build Western Star trucks one at a time instead of taking the faster route. It gives us the chance to obsess over every square inch of every truck we make. The end result for you is a better quality long haul, auto haul, or bulk haul truck. Fact is, we love what we do. And we think you will, too.


Western Star TL/LTC

Long Haul | Built for the long haul. Just like you.

It’s easy to keep your options open with a Western Star long haul tractor. Your choices start with models: our flagship 4900 model, or the all new 5700XE. With our updated interior and multiple sleeper configurations, you get more comfort and space options, not to mention your powertrain/engine options from Detroit® or Cummins® to give you all the power you need for the long haul. And with our unmatched level of factory customization, you can spec a truck as light as it is tough. This job just keeps getting better.

Models: 4900, 5700                     


Western Star Long Haul

TL/LTC | Comfortable. And very, very efficient.

For TL and LTL carriers, there isn’t a better option than Western Star. Our best-in-class steel cabs offer incredible comfort, space and quiet while our lightweight options give you the ability to build one of the lightest trucks on the road without losing one ounce of that legendary Western Star toughness. Then spec it with a Detroit™ engine, or an Integrated Detroit™ Powertrain if you like the 5700XE, and you’ll have one of the most efficient trucks on the road.

Models: 4700, 4900, 5700           

Western Star Auto Haul

 Auto Haul | A person’s vehicle is their pride and joy. Sounds familiar.

This is a special kind of haul. Which is why Western Star auto haul trucks are perfect for the job. Whether it’s cars, boats, or something completely different — with the tried and true 4900, and a ton of sleeper and customization options like our ultra low roof sleeper, — you can spec the ultimate hauler for even the most demanding job. Plus, knowing you’re driving the best-built hauler in the business will give both you and your customer peace of mind.

Model: 4900                      

Western Star Bulk Haul

Bulk Haul | We build our trucks with the rarest of instruments. We call them hands.

Whether you’re in for a week-long trip or an out-and-back day haul, make sure your truck is up to the task. Western Star bulk haul trucks are built to last. Plus you can spec every Western Star truck to be as light as it is tough. Choose from multiple engines, 109″, 110″, 123″ or 126″ BBCs and thousands of other options — allowing you to get the dependable truck you need, hand-built to your specifications.

Models: 4700, 4800, 4900, 5700                

Western Star Heavy Haul

Heavy Haul | You never know when you’ll be called to do the impossible. Best to be prepared.

There are big hauls. And then there are your hauls. No matter how heavy, extreme, wide or unusual, you can build a Western Star to take on massive loads. With two base models to choose from, the 4900 or 6900, you’ll be able to handle the most extreme heavy hauls with ease. That’s because we offer the most powerful, heavy-duty engine options from Detroit Diesel® and Cummins®. So no matter what you choose, it means no excuses, and no compromises.

Models: 4900, 6900               

Sleepers & Interiors | Stretch your legs without ever stepping outside.

While most interiors out there feature sleepers that seem little more than afterthoughts, Western Star’s all-new interior is planned with comfort, space and storage to spare. With four sleeper models, five roof heights and a high-quality walkthrough design, you can outfit your truck exactly how you want. Add to that a variety of ugraded material and color options and you have the kind of workplace you’ve always wanted. After all, it’s your truck. It should fit you, not the other way around.

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