Nova Enterprises Limited Privacy Policy

Nova Enterprises Limited Privacy Policy

NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED is committed to ensuring the privacy and security of the information provided to us by our customers. As such, NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED (“NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED”, “our”, “we”, or “us” in this policy) is committed to respecting the privacy rights of all individuals by ensuring that their personal information is collected, used and disclosed in an appropriate manner. This Privacy Policy sets out the purposes for which we collect, use, disclose and retain personal information. Our primary purpose for such collection, use, disclosure and retention relate to the effective communication with our customers and ensure quality delivery of services and products.

Personal information is recorded information about an identifiable individual including, but not limited to name, address, telephone number and other items identified in the “What type of Information we collect” section of this Privacy Policy. Personal information does not include the name, title or business address or telephone number of an employee of an organization.

What Type Of Information We Collect

NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED may collect limited personal information when you obtain any products or services from or though any of our facilities. NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED may collect limited personal information if you submit information through on-line forms on our web-site (, submit an e-mail, fill out any surveys, or provide customer comments. This personal information may include, but is not limited to your:

  • Name, address, and telephone number;
  • E-mail address or fax number;
  • Driver’s license number;
  • Truck and/or trailer license number;
  • Truck and/or trailer parts, service, or body work details and history;
  • Truck and/or trailer collision history;
  • Truck, trailer and/or product purchase information;
  • Customer comments or surveys;
  • Insurance company, policy number, and policy details;

If applying for credit, NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED may collect our customer’s or their co-applicants:

  • Credit and financial information;
  • Date of birth;
  • Employment information;
  • Loan information, including amount, loan and repayment schedule
  • Social Insurance Number (optional);

Why We Collect and How We Use Personal Information

NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED will only collect personal information which is necessary for the purposes as identified in this policy. Personal information shall be collected by fair and lawful means, and will not be collected for unspecified or improper purposes.

Common purposes for the collection, use or disclosure of personal information include:

  • To provide quality products and services to our customers;
  • To communicate with our customers in order to effectively respond to customer needs, including new products, services and promotional information by mail, email or otherwise;
  • To communicate and work with third parties providing services or products to our customers (including manufacturers, suppliers, leasing and financial companies, and insurance companies which pay for all or part of the cost of such services);
  • To establish and maintain customer information, databases and records;
  • For administration, billing, accounting, auditing, and collecting purposes, in relation to our customers or their business and their relationship to us;
  • To maintain complete and accurate customer files;
  • To comply with lawful requests from government agencies and to comply with any applicable statutes and regulations;
  • Disclosure in connection with actual or potential legal proceedings, including to insurers for NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED;

NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED may identify additional purposes that arise for the collection, use or disclosure of personal information. NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED will communicate such additional purposes to its customers and other interested parties, in a manner that is practical and appropriate in the circumstances to do so, including posting such additional purposes on our web-site,, and at all our locations.

When Disclosure May Occur

Personal information will not be used or disclosed for purposes other than those as provided in this policy except

  • with the consent of the client or;
  • where use or disclosure is required by law or for legal process, professional standards or NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED’S insurers.

NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED does not sell any personal information collected to third parties. Third parties include manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, insurers, leasing or financial companies, whose products or services our customers obtained through or from NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED. In order to serve you better, your personal information may be disclosed to third parties as noted above.

Retention of your Personal Information

Your personal information will only be retained for as long as it is needed and only for the fulfillment of the purposes for which it was originally collected. This may include retaining personal information for a set length of time in fulfillment of professional and legal responsibilities.

Web-site information collection

When you visit the website of NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED ( aggregate information is collected. Aggregate information is information collected as a whole, and does not allow for personally identifiable information (such as name, address, email address and telephone number) to be disclosed, and is not linked to your web-site visit. The aggregate information collected includes: pages visited while visiting our web-site, pages visited before and after visiting our web-site, and the date and time the web-site was visited.

The purpose of tracking this information is to assist NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED in structuring our web-site efficiently so that it is effective for our customers. For example, the aggregate data collected may be analyzed so that pages visited most frequently can be made more accessible.

No personally identifiable information is collected when our customers browse our web-site. If an online form is voluntarily submitted, then personal information may be collected, in accordance with our privacy policy, in order for NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED to serve our customers.


NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED is responsible for all personal information under its control.  NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED will designate an individual as who will be accountable for compliance with the personal information policy and procedures (the “Privacy Officer”).The name of the Privacy Officer will be posted on our website and at all of our locations, including:

  • Truro Heights Location

Exit 13, Hwy 102, Truro Heights, Nova Scotia

  • Dartmouth Location

670 Wilkinson Avenue, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

  • Brookside Body Shop Location

73 Brookside Road, Brookside, Nova Scotia

  • Westville Location

1027 Barker Lane, Westville Nova Scotia

NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED is committed to ensuring that its staff is trained in our policies and practices with respect to personal information.

NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED is committed to protecting personal information, and accordingly will maintain appropriate levels of protection with respect to personal information at our facilities.

Safeguards used by Nova Enterprises Limited

NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED shall safeguard and protect personal information under its control by implementing security measures appropriate to the sensitivity of the information, such as:

  • Staff members are required to read this policy and be knowledgeable in the retention criteria provided.
  • Staff members are required to sign a confidentiality covenant.
  • Information is secured in cabinets.
  • Access is restricted to any office where personal information is stored.
  • Computer access to NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED’S customer information files is password protected.
  • Professional shredding services are used for the destruction of personal records no longer required by NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED

NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED shall require third parties to whom personal information is disclosed to commit to an appropriate level of security (which may include execution of a confidentiality covenant) in protection of such information to satisfy the standards established by this facility.

Consent for Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

Individuals providing personal information to NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED at any of our locations, verbally, by filling out written forms, through our website, via telephone, fax or by e-mail communication will be considered to have consented to the collection, use or disclosure of such information in accordance with this policy.

Withdrawal of Consent

The consent of an individual, whether express or implied, may be withdrawn at any time by signed written notice of withdrawal delivered to the Privacy Officer, in which case no further information will be collected and the existing information will be used and disclosed in accordance with legal obligations, professional standards or NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED’S insurers.


NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED will make every reasonable effort to ensure that personal information collected by it will be as accurate, complete and up-to-date for the purposes for which the information is to be used.

NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED will ensure that its customers have the opportunity to review and update their personal information on file with our company. An individual providing personal information to NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED may request access to his or her personal information and particulars of its use or disclosure. NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED has the right to request proof of identity and may refuse such access for lawful reasons. NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED will take appropriate measures to correct any inaccurate or incomplete information.

An individual providing personal information to NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED may address any question, concern or complaint regarding this facility’s compliance with this personal information policy to the Privacy Officer. The Privacy Officer will address all questions, concerns and complaints in a timely manner.


NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED will make available to any interested individual specific information about our facility’s policies and procedures relating to personal information which is under the control of this facility. NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED will facilitate access to its personal information policies and procedures, and will make available information concerning the identity of its Privacy Officer. NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED will also ensure that individuals are aware of the means of gaining access to their personal information.  This policy will be maintained on the NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED website.

Revisions and Additions to this Policy

NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED may revise this policy from time to time, including the scope of the personal information to be collected, the use and disclosure of that information and the retention of the information.  Revised and updated policies will be maintained on the website of NOVA ENTERPRISES LIMITED and will be available at our locations. In this manner, a customer and or other person is considered to have received notice of the revision and the consent previously given will be treated as continuing to apply to the revised policy unless the client or such person has withdrawn consent in the manner provided in this policy.


You may contact Nova regarding our Privacy Policy in by email: [email protected] or call 902.468.5900