Long Live Freightliner

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35 Years as a Frieghtliner Dealer

Nova Enterprises Limited was recognized this past fall by Daimler Trucks North America for its 35 years as a Freightliner dealer. Nova was one of the first dealers in Canada to sign up with the then small, niche truck manufacturer with the majority of sales being the Cab over Engine (COE) design. Freightliner has since grown into the #1 heavy truck brand in North America and Nova has grown steadily alongside becoming the market share leader in Nova Scotia for many years.

In 1967, Nova Enterprises Limited was founded through the vision of three brothers: Louie, Jim and Jack MacKay. It all began in a three bay garage in Brookside, Nova Scotia but throughout the years this start up would see its dreams realized. In 1973, a new building was built in Brookside, near Truro, which mainly operated as an all-make parts and service facility. During the 1970’s, they were, at times, a White sub-dealer and a Hayes new truck dealer. Then in the late 70’s, Louie retired, leaving Jim and Jack to grow the business.

With the break-up of the White Motor Corporation, Freightliner Canada became an independent sales organization and Nova Enterprises became a fully franchised Freightliner truck dealership in 1980. Initially, Jim and Jack signed with Freightliner in order to have access to a steady parts supply for their service shop, but they soon realized that their customers liked the Freightliner truck as well. Facility expansion in the 80’s and 90’s helped Nova service its growing customer base including its 1999 addition at the Burnside location.

The Freightliner brand and our dedicated staff have been keys to Nova’s success. Freightliner is determined to continue as the market leader and the Cascadia Evolution is the proof of that commitment. You can see how the Nova name and Freightliner brand have come a long way since 1967 and how they continue to proudly recognize it along with its many long standing employees; as they remain the foundation of the company’s success!


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