Freightliner Sparks Infinite Inspiration

May 5, 2015 marked a major milestone for Freightliner as they unveiled the Freightliner Inspiration truck—the first autonomous commercial truck to operate on an open public highway in the United States.

The event saw press and guests from other 25 countries from around the world. The grand finale ended with the truck driving across the dam for all to experience.

The Hoover Dam in Las Vegas was selected as the launch location as its structure signifies inspiration like few other structures in the world. Being built during the Great Depression under harsh conditions, it represents America’s ability to dream big and accomplish amazing things. It’s still the largest dam of its time and continues to stand as an engineering marvel eight decades later.


Much like the Hoover Dam, the inspiration truck has transformed the trucking industry, pushing the imagination by unlocking autonomous vehicle advancements that reduce accidents, improve fuel consumption, cut highway congestion, and safeguard the environment.

Not only did the new truck set records for the Freightliner family, but also set an official world record among projections. This unique video screening was projected onto a surface of a little over 420,000 square feet; equal to almost nine football fields or 87 IMAX screens!

Let’s take a look at how awesome of an accomplishment this truck really is:

The Chief Engineer, Derek Rotz assigned to the project states that “the company set out to build the most fuel-efficient truck in the world.” And that they did.


With the Freightliner Inspiration truck drivers can optimize their time on the road while also handling other important logistical tasks from scheduling to routing. The autonomous vehicle technology not only contributes to improved safety and efficiency, but allows for improved communication through connectivity and integration.
Richard Howard, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, DTNA

The truck operates on highways as what the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines as Level 3 of autonomous vehicle capabilities, enabling the driver to take full control of all safety-critical functions under certain traffic or environmental conditions.

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