AERO HAS FOUND ITS EDGE | The all new 5700XE

AERO HAS FOUND ITS EDGE | The all new 5700XE

The all new 5700XE was launched in September 2014, following its appearance in the latest Transformers movie that debuted last summer. The new aerodynamic highway tractor was used as inspiration for the Optimus Prime character.

“XE—which stands for extreme efficiency, summarizes exactly what this new truck is all about.”
Michael Jackson, general manager, Western Star.


Western Star set out to create something different—and it shows. The truck combines Western Star’s extreme heritage with Daimler’s advanced engineering to improve efficiency, aerodynamics and profitability so significantly, it will be sending everyone back to the drawing board.

All-new features such as an aerodynamic hood, roof, chassis and cab fairings reduce drag and increase efficiency; For a full overview of performance and design, check out the 5700XE website.

“The 5700XE builds on proven aerodynamic technologies from parent company Daimler Trucks North America and adds edgy styling to set it apart from other trucks.”
Ann Demitruk, director of marketing for Western Star.


Check out the 5700XE video series and explore the truck even further including a close look at some of its driver comfort and safety features, and an interview with the Truck’s Chief Designer, Don Vena.

What it’s all about


 Meet the designer


 Get a guided tour



Or roll on over to the Atlantic Truck Show this summer and explore the truck for yourself. This is Atlantic Canada’s largest and most-inclusive trucking show!  The show will feature a cool ‘Ride & Drive’ option where visitors can test drive brand new trucks—including our new Western Star. The event will be held at the Moncton Coliseum, Moncton NB from June 5-6th, 2015.


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